Grade 2 Animal Book

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Grade 2 students have finished their animal research and are working on creating a combined iPad Book with their research facts. This book will be shared with next year’s Kindergarten and 1st grade students. It is an “interactive” book (created with “iBook Author”) where readers can click on the video presentations from the students, and look at pictures gathered from the site,

Students were filmed during their presentations. They worked on: speaking clearly, loudly, and slowly. The group of students then chose which pictures worked best with their facts.

An example page from the Animal Book.
An example page from the Animal Book.

The finished “book” will not be published on the Internet, but will be installed on the iPads in the Computer Lab, and any other classroom iPad upon teacher request. Sharing the knowledge with younger students gives the 2nd Grade students an authentic audience and provides an “audio/video” book to listen to facts that might be too difficult for them to read.

Things you can do at home with your student:

  • Ask your 2nd Grade student about the animal facts they remember.
  • Ask your 2nd Grade student what was the hardest part of the project? What was their favorite part? How do they feel about their finished work?
  • When watching their own video, many 2nd Graders reported that they sounded “funny” on the video. This is due to not having much experience hearing their own recorded voice. If you have an iPad at home (or any recording device), provide opportunities for your student to record his/her voice and then listen to it!
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5 Responses to Grade 2 Animal Book

  1. Kathryn S says:

    This sounds like a great project for a 2nd Grade student! Were they able to share their iPad Book with other 2nd Grade students in their classroom/their parents? I have found with my students that by sharing their project with their peers/parents is a huge motivator to produce a high quality project. It would be great to incorporate other technology (ex. Google Earth) into their iPad Book project to show where the animals live around the world. Or even a sound bite ( of what the animal sounds like in their natural environment.

  2. Bob Sprankle says:


    Yes, they shared the projects with other students and were thrilled by the feedback they received. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to publish the book to the web since not all students had permission for publication. Love the ideas of Google Earth and sound bites!

    Thank you,

  3. Kathryn S says:

    Maybe you could even have a “book fair” party and invite parents and other classes to walk around and have students share their iPad Book.

  4. Kathryn S says:

    Maybe you could even have an iPad Book Fair and invite parents and all classes to walk around and watch and listen to the students projects.

  5. MeetingMogul says:

    Possibly you could even have a “book reasonable” gathering and welcome folks and different classes to stroll around and have understudies share their iPad Book.

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