Room 208 Podcast 04.29.05

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RM208042905.mp3 [11.1 mb 24:12 64kbps]

A Podcast by 3/4students in Wells, ME. Show 01.
It's Room 208's very first Podcast! The Scholars have worked incredibly hard on this show and our classroom has dramatically changed! Learning is becoming even more meaningful and purposeful. Enjoy and send us feedback!

Show Notes:

01. Intro
02. Student News
03. The Dream
04. What is Podcasting?
05. Sports
06. Artist Interview
07. Week in History
08. Possible

All scripts written and researched by the Scholars.

Room 208 Intro Music by Bob Sprankle
Music on Student News: Conchology by Zdenko Ivanusic
Music on Possible: Baby Song by Daniel F. Savarese

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Posted: Sat - April 30, 2005 at 07:20 AM