Dear Scholars...

Dear Scholars,

Hello! I just got home from an amazing weekend at the Samoset for the SEED farewell. Remember I've told you all about SEED? How this is my "other" job and where I get to learn from and teach other teachers all about technology in education? Well, as I told you on Friday, SEED has come to its 6 year ending, and so a bunch of us got together to reflect, rejoice, and say goodbye to it.

We had this amazing Keynote speaker, Alan November, who works around the world promoting "effective use of information and communication technologies that support and enhance learning for children and communities" (that's from his website). His talk was absolutely fantastic and you'll never guess what he was mostly talking about! BLOGS!

He told us that someday everyone will have blogs. He likened this to a story about when he first got email back in 1985. He told people then that someday everyone will have email (remember in 1985, hardly anyone had or knew about email ). The people he told laughed at him! But now look! So, it's a pretty sure bet that Mr. November knows what he's talking about when he says that everyone will have Blogs someday, and we need to start using them now with students because this is the language, the format that will be part of their future lives.

Anyway, Gwen, my Regional Coordinator, raised her hand and told him that I use a blog with students. Mr. November asked me to come up and show it, so all these people got to see the work you are doing! I also did a quick "workshop" on it the following day.

Mr. November and the other teachers were totally blown away by your work! You all are on the cutting edge! You already have a blog---you're way ahead of the future that Mr. November foresees. It is amazing how much work you have up here and every Friday Update that you post amazes me with how well you describe and reflect on your learning.

You have been working so hard and people from all around the world have gotten to see your successes. Mr. November is going to show your site when he talks to other teachers around the world, so your audience is about to get even larger. Just this weekend alone, 50 new people came to the site.

You all ROCK!

You are amazing!


Here are some photos of me showing your site:

Posted: Sun - April 10, 2005 at 05:52 PM