Poetry Night 2005

Last night was absolutely amazing! Room 208 joined Mr. I's scholars to host a Poetry Night. Together they Read Poems, Presented their Work during the Unit, and Taught the Parents How to Write Poetry!

They turned the night into a fund raiser to aid the victims from the Asian Tsunami, and raised $436.60!

Go HERE to see the Student's Blog Entry on the evening.

Go HERE to see pictures from the evening.


Here are some poems that the PARENTS/FAMILY MEMBERS wrote last night:

Snowy Winters Stink
by Tim Roche

Snowy winters stink
Stuck Inside or shoveling
I'm going to move

by Cindy Roche

students, excitement
full of knowledge, sharing joy
Fall, Winter, Springtime

by Carrie's Mom

I like to go with you on Vacation.
I see many things, but I don't have eyes.
People, places, things.
I can show you what I see.
Plug me into your computer
then click "print".
I am a digital camera!

The Spinning Wheel
by Allison Thompson

I'm going round and round
sometimes I wish I could STOP
But the treadle keeps me
going round and round
Maybe I will just jam!

The Car
by Guy Thompson

Boy I'm cold on this winter morning.
It snowed last night and the wind
is blowing very hard.
I can't wait for my owner to
come and start me up.
Then I'll hum then I'll purr
then I'll be nice and warm.
Vroom Vroom.

by Sarah

I am a wave that slaps
against the sandy earth
tickling feet and chasing
small children to the shore

by Elaine Healey

The car
it was flying
When my mom said she
was going fast she wasn't

by Kevin Jones

The paper looks at me
Telling me what to write
If I don't think of something soon
I might be here all night

The Gown and the Crown
by Molly

Crowns make princesses be
Sparkly pink Gowns make the princesses
be pretty
Gowns and crowns make them
Crowns are shiny
Gowns are pretty

Posted: Fri - January 28, 2005 at 03:43 PM