Thu - May 5, 2005


by Bailey

Blizzard was a young husky who lived outside a cabin in Alaska. Of all the sled dogs he was the only one who could go in the cabin because his owner Lisa felt that because he is a puppy he should stay warm. Lisa’s boss George thought that they shouldn’t keep the dog inside the cabin because he needs practice to be a real sled dog.

One time as George was hooking the dogs to the sled Lisa realized that Blizzard had a cut in his paw. She tried to tell George that Blizzard had a cut but it was too late and he had already left. When George was on the back of the sled he thought all of the dogs were doing such a good job running but then he realized Blizzard was dragging his leg. He stopped the sled and told Blizzard to start running again. Then Blizzard fell on his back in the snow and all of the dogs stopped.

George thought that Blizzard must have been tired. He picked him up and put him in the sled and the dogs brought him back home. When they were home George fed all the dogs but not Blizzard and he yelled at him “bad dog!” He won’t be able to go in the races if George thinks he is not good.

The next day Lisa’s brother Tyler went off dog sledding without even telling her he was gone. Lisa and George were worried. Tyler had gone to his house to get medicine for Blizzards paw. After awhile Tyler came back with his medicine and Lisa and George ran up to him and Lisa said “Where were you? We were so worried”. Tyler said “I was at our house and I will never go there again without telling you.”

The next day Tyler told them he would be leaving again. Lisa noticed he never cam back. She decided to go off and look for him. When she went to get the dogs for the sled most of the dogs could not go because they were sick. Only some dogs weren’t. Blizzard had lots of energy. He really wanted to go and Lisa felt bad for him because George doesn’t let him go anymore.

Lisa decided to let Blizzard be the leader. They took off to find her brother Tyler. When Lisa told Blizzard to go one way he would go the other way because he never had been the leader before. After a long time Blizzard still wasn’t tired. He kept on going. Sometimes he would stop to sniff a pinecone or a stick but then he would get right back up and go faster.

All of a sudden a storm hit. Blizzard got scared so he chewed the leash so he could get off and he ran. Lisa got scared and told the dogs to try to find Blizzard. She got back on the sled and looked everywhere. She felt nervous and she knew she wouldn’t find her brother without Blizzard because he was the best dog. She heard a really loud bark in the woods so she went towards the trees. She found him curled up underneath a tree trunk. Lisa picked him up and petted him two times and wrapped him in a blanket.

Blizzard jumped right out of the blanket and ran over to the tree next to them and tugged on something. Lisa saw it was her brother Tyler and had wondered what had happened. She put him in the dog sled and she started heading home.
At the cabin George heard the whole story and thought to himself that Blizzard wasn’t a bad dog. Ever since Blizzard has always been the leader dog.

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Wed - March 30, 2005

Thu - January 27, 2005


by Bailey

Dream catcher dreams
catch them as you wave in wind
catch them always please

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Wind Whisper

Wind Whisper
by Bailey

The wind whispers
it says come outside and play
But I just say no way
it's too cold
I would rather stay in front of the fire
He says oh please oh please
the winter days come and go
you will always like to play in the snow
but never me
oh can't you see
come out come out
and play me

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Playing in Winter (personfication poem)

Playing in Winter
by Bailey

I look outside my window
I see the snow
the snow says to me
come out and play and so I do
I fall to the ground
and make a snow angel
the snow angel says
thank you for making me
Then I roll up a ball of snow
one two three and make a snowman
the snowman says
how do you do
with a jolly old smile
then I take a shovel and dig
in the snow the hole
turned into a fort
it was very cool
After a long day of fun I go
inside and look out the window
and the snow says
thank you for playing with me.

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Trees (simile/metaphor poem)

by Bailey

The tree branches
scratch my window like fingernails scraping on a blackboard
As I walk through the park
the trees bend down at me
they are arms reaching for me
They are tall brown sticks
They are bird's sweet homes
When the wind blows
I hear them roam
The leave fall
it's winter now but then next year
they will grow around

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Sun - January 23, 2005

The School (sense poem)

The School
by Bailey

The school looks like a red tall building
With kids learning and enjoying spelling and writing
I smell the food in the lunch room
I hear the pencils writing
I feel the soft wipe board
I taste the clear fresh air
I like this school it's rather nice
I would like if it would always stay here

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Fri - January 21, 2005

I Like...

I Like...
by Bailey

I like our class a lot.
But I don't like it when
our class has to stop
learning because it is the end of the day.
I like when our class is doing math
as we sit at our chairs working.
But I don't like when
some people start to talk and I can't think because I'm distracted.
I like the kids in our class.
They help me with problems I have
and when no one is playing with me they tell me I can play with them.
But I don't like when they already have partners.
I like Room 208.
I think its the best class.

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Autumn (cinquain)

by Bailey

cuddling dog
hates squeaking noises barks
running a lot she's a great dog
leaves fall

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Fri - January 14, 2005

A Little Valentine in Everyone

by Bailey

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Thu - November 18, 2004

My Book (Sense Poem)

My Book
by Bailey

My book is very tasty
it tastes like apple pie
the letters
taste like
chocolate chips and skittles
they're very tasty
The sky is like
the clouds are like marshmallows
I think they're nice
that way

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