Mon - April 25, 2005

Faries (take 2)

by Cassidy

There are Fairies
Dancing all around in the field
Some sitting in the grass in the field
Some of the fairies are sleeping
In the center of flowers

Fairies, Fairies everywhere
Their beautiful wings stand out
The wings are so colorful
Beautiful too

I wish I had a fairy
Because they are so colorful and beautiful
And they can fly all around
Like the clouds in the sky

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Sun - January 23, 2005

Everything (personification)

by Cassidy

Sun guides my way home.
water, makes me feel better when
I'm sad.
clouds, always Happy.
trees, helping when needed.
flowers, run so fast.
everything so nice.

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Tree (parts of speech poem)

by Cassidy

A tree
brown and green
moving and swaying

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Thu - January 20, 2005


by Cassidy


all around flowers
lilly pads too

every way

some sitting
in the wind
on the grass

some in the center of flowers
sleeping their day away

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I Like...

I Like...
by Cassidy

I like it when you play with me Dad
but I don't like it when you have to work.
I like frogs
but I don't like big ones.
I like hot chocolate hot
but I don't like it cold.
I like ice cream
but I don't like it when it melts
all over your hand.

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The World (sense poem)

The World
by Cassidy

The world
smells like everything.
The world
feels as if there were gushy stuff
The world
looks like a bouncy blue ball.
The world
tastes like a lollypop.
The world
I listen
I hear the world.

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Tue - January 18, 2005


by Cassidy

I'm hungry thirsty
food all around the table
which to pick, all good

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Thu - January 6, 2005

Mathew (Cinquain)

by Cassidy

A first grader
My little brother jumps
Fun to play with outside together

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Tue - December 21, 2004

Wed - December 15, 2004

My Room (Simile/Metaphor Poem)

My Room
by Cassidy

My room is like a jungle
As if there were animals that
were surrounding the room and in
my closet. on my hangers. underneath
my bed. it is like I don't have
a head. my lamp is a hot sun.
but in the end it was just a

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Wed - December 8, 2004

Tue - December 7, 2004

Mon - November 15, 2004


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