Our Trip to North Conway

Our Trip to North Conway
by Hailey

When we went to North Conway on the 20th of February it was so much fun! But it took two hours to get there! Finally, we got there. When we got to our room we had to unpack. The room was not new to us because we have been there before. After, we went out to dinner. When we got back our Mom and Dad let us go swimming. It was an outdoor pool and it was heated. It was really hard to see because it was all foggy. The moon was pretty with all the stars in the sky.

After we went swimming we wanted to go to the arcade. We played games like air hockey, pinball and other games too. At that point it was about 8:45 so we went back to our room. We got all of our beds ready and we watched TV until we fell asleep. When we were all sleeping the fire alarm went off. It was so loud it hurt our ears but my sister slept through it. We had to get our shoes on and coats on and get out. Most of the people went to the lobby and some stayed on their floor. When we got back to our room it was almost 12:00.

The next day we went sledding. It was a lot of fun! It was snowing and we were catching snowflakes on our gloves. When we got back we went swimming. It was cool because it was snowing. We could catch the snowflakes with our mouths. The snow also landed and made piles of snow on our heads. Then after we went swimming we went to our room and ordered pizza. Our Dad had to go back home to work.

The next morning our cousins came up. We went sledding with them. It was better because it was not snowing and the tubes went faster. We decided we had enough sledding. We all wanted to go swimming instead. One of my cousins decided we should all get out of the pool and roll in the snow then jump back in. The snow was so cold it felt like we were getting pinched but it was fun!

On Wednesday we went skating at Nestle Nook Farm. They had humongous horses there that gave sleigh rides. I liked the one named Barney. He was all brown. Barney licked my sister’s coat and my cousins’ coat too! When we got back from skating, my cousins had to go back home.

That night they had horizontal bungee jumping at the hotel. It was so much fun because you had to run as hard as you could, but the bungee cord would snap you back! We just kept going and going and going.

This was one of the best trips ever! I wish we can go again next year.

Posted: Mon - April 25, 2005 at 07:18 AM