The Hamster and the Mouse

The Hamster and the Mouse
by Elizabeth

Chapter 1

“Hi I am a hamster and my name is Cuddles” Now it is night. Scurry Scurry “What was that? Scurry scurry “What was that sound? Now what is that I see? Two little glowing balls over me!” I gasped “Two eyes” I whispered.

Chapter 2

“Hi” said a friendly voice “My name is Scurry what is your name?”

“C-C-C-C-Cuddles” I said “What are you?”

“Well can’t you see I am a mouse?”

“No I’ve never seen a mouse before”

“Well you have now!”

“I have a question”


“Why are you here?”

“Because I smell food and I am hungry!”

“Well I have food but it is mine!”

“But I am soooo hungry!!”

“I guess I could share some food with you besides Catie gives me food whenever I run out so you choose which kind you would like from my bowl”

“Hmmmmmmmmm can I have some sunflower seeds please?”

“O.K.” I said “here is ten sunflower seeds”

(Ten minutes later) “Mmmmmmmm that was good can I have a little bit more for my little brother Yum?”
“Of course just pick something he would like.”

“Hmmmmm that stuff that looks like bunny food please”

“O.K. Scurry”

“Thanks you so much! Maybe I could come back when I get hungry again?”

“That would be fine”

“Great thanks! Bye bye see you later Cuddles.”

“O.K. Bye say he to your brother Yum for me O.K.?

“O.K. maybe I will see you tomorrow night.”

O.K. see you tomorrow” and so I played all night long by myself.

Chapter 3

The next morning Catie woke me up saying “It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” Then she took me out of my cage and played with me a little, then she put me in a tissue box and took me down stairs. There was a beautiful tree there and there was lots of pretty boxes. After a while I got tired and fell asleep. Catie woke me up and put me in a new little cage and gave me a new kind of treat.

That night I gave Scurry one of the treats to eat and 2 to take home. I told Scurry all about Christmas. Scurry said “That sounds fun.”

“Not really” I said “all you do is sleep in a new cage for about 2 hours”

“Hmmm I guess that would not be much fun really.”

“No it is not fun at all other than the treats!”

We were having so much fun that we did not notice the time but as soon as Catie woke Scurry scurried off without even saying goodbye “I guess she really did not want to get caught by Catie. Oh well I will see her tonight. Well better get some sleep.” Yawwwn

Chapter 4

The next night I said to scurry “Do you want to come in my cage with me?”

“What did you just say?”

“I said would you like to come in my cage with me?”

“But how would I get in?”

“I can open my cage door.”


“Well I do not eat all the sticks Catie gives me so all I have to do is get a fat stick and push it against the bars very hard and it opens....see? Now it is open so are you coming?”

“After you tell me how you close it.”

“O.K. O.K I hand you the fat stick and you push and it closes then you hand it back to me.”

“O.K. now I will come in” and so we had a grand old time that night eating and just being best friends. Close to the end of the night I asked Scurry “Sometime could you bring Yum?”

“Well I am not sure. When I leave he is taking his nap”

“Oh I was hoping that some day I could meet him. Maybe some day you could bring a picture of him.”

O.K. well I have to go, see you tomorrow night.”

O.K. good night see you in the morning.” Yawwwn.

Chapter 5

The next night Scurry told me he had a surprise for me. The surprise was Yum, his little brother!

Later that night after Yum was asleep I said “I have some bad news” I told Scurry “that in 4 months we would be in Florida for a week”

“Oh no!” What will we do then?”

“We could stock up your food. I could give you a little extra food and you save some for that week.”

“Yeah and we have a long time to stock up”

But that is a whole other story. So we better save that for another time.....

The End

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