The Dream (story)

The Dream
By Emily J.

It was a very hot day in July, so my family packed up the car and we headed to the beach. The sand felt hot under my feet so I ran into the water. After we splashed in the water for awhile we started getting hungry and we decided to have lunch. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a juice box and a bag of pretzels. After lunch my dad asked me to go throw away our trash. I put all the trash in a bag and headed towards the trash can. While I was walking I spotted some pretty sea shells. I put the bag of trash down on the sand so I could pick up the shells.

All of a sudden there was a huge gust of wind and out trash flew everywhere! I ran to try to pick it up, but I was too late. It had gone into the water. I looked around and saw no one had seen what I did so I just ran back to my family to show my sisters the shells I found.

That night I was very tired from playing in the sun all day so I went to bed early. During the night I dreamed I was at the beach again. In my dream I was swimming in the ocean. While swimming I saw lots of colorful fish and sea shells. I met a dolphin who told me his name was Edward. It was weird I could understand what he was saying. Edward and I swam together. He even took me for a ride. He pulled me while I held on to his fin.

During our ride Edward stopped because he noticed some trash. “Some lazy person just threw their trash in the ocean. Some people just don’t care about the life that lives in the ocean,” Edward said. Edward told me the trash makes him and fish friends sick, and that they could die from it. When I looked at the trash he was talking about I noticed it was my trash. That made me feel really bad about what I had done. I never thought a little trash would hurt anyone.

The next morning I told my dad about what happened at the beach and my dream. My dad said, “We can’t take care of the trash that went into the water, but we can help by picking up the other litter on the beach.”

So later that week dad and I went down and picked up all the trash we could find on the beach. I promised I would never throw trash in the ocean again.

Posted: Sun - April 24, 2005 at 02:08 PM