Fri - December 3, 2004

No Respect

No Respect
by Mr. S

I get no respect

as you sit on me
stand on me
push me under tables
the cushion you’ve put on top of me
helps very little
suffocates me
and makes me sneezy
to tell the truth

you constantly
force me back on two of my legs
even though I am only sturdy on four
I cradle you with care
as you slouch in me
ignoring the benefits
of my back support

you once used me
to keep your little sister
out of your room
shoving me up
under the doorknob
mistreated like a
common criminal
pinned for your purposes

I now wobble to the left
in daily dizziness
due to the damage
you inflicted on
my left front leg
when you once brought me down
hard and heavy
on your brother’s

I am your chair
I am your support
I am the one
denied dusting

I get no respect

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Wed - December 1, 2004

2 Poems (Personification)


the geese
above my window
honking their rusty trumpets
reminding me

part of me will go with them
and they will dress me
in their whispery down
promising me pleasures
of southern treats
releasing me
from winter’s grip


I sit here
waiting for you
collecting dust
hugging my pages tight
against the sun
that forces its way
into this library
each day

I can wait forever
for you to open me
you will not be disappointed
you will not be disappointed

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