Student News: May 6, 2005

by the Scholars of Room 208

This week we have continued working on another episode of Room 208 Podcast. We have gotten 118 different people to come to our website in just 4 days! Wow! We are having so much fun making this podcast. It teaches us independent learning. Independent learning is when you get to choose your own subjects to work on. The podcast gives an opportunity to choose our own subjects because we are allowed to choose what we enjoy, and then put it on the podcast. That is how the podcast helps us as a classroom. Some things that will be on the show are: Sports, some poems we wrote, This Week in History and an Interview with Kevin Hawkes.

[On Wednesday], Zoe, Marc, and Carrie interviewed Kevin Hawkes about his job. We also went to an assembly with him about drawing and [writing]. Kevin Hawkes taught us how to draw different faces, like a baby's head has to be bigger than its body. He also drew a very funny picture of an old man explorer.

Another thing this week was research in Library. We picked out books for our Native American Research and we chose a topic for it. We used a method called IIM. It stands for Independent, Investigation Method. The research helps us learn about how Maine Native Americans lived 300 years ago. We came up with our own questions and Mr. S had some for us too. We have some new articles to help us do the research. One of our articles [is] called KTAHKOMIG -- "The Land."

For next week's podcast, we will be doing [the play] Lightning Larry by Aaron Shepard. This week we practiced and recorded the play. Some people are doing sound effects like, horses, rattlesnakes, walking, growling, gulping, commotion, cheering, party noises, etc. Be sure to listen for our funny teacher Mr. S howling like a dog when we were humming "Home on the Range."

And that's our Student News for May 6, 2005.

Posted: Fri - May 6, 2005 at 06:42 AM