Student News: December 3, 2004

by the Students of Room 208

This week in Science we have been working on physical and chemical changes. We have been doing some science experiments to understand them. One of them was burning paper. That was a chemical change because you can't change it back to regular paper. A physical change could be ripping a piece of paper. That is a physical change because you can tape or glue it back together. So basically, a physical change is a change you can fix and a chemical change is a change you can't fix. That is what we've been learning in Science.

This week we also learned about Personification. Personification is when you take an inanimate object and give it human qualities. For example, "The moon watches over us when the sun is a sleep." See how it's saying the moon is watching us. The moon can't watch. It's the same with the sun asleep.

We learned about Subject Pronouns. A subject pronoun is something when you have a sentence and it has: it, they, I, he, she , we, or you and it is a pronoun that is the subject of the sentence.

This month we started Better Answers. Better Answers is something when you read a story and write the question. So far we have done Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood with Better Answers. We have to use transition words and we have to use chronological words. We also create a conclusion.

And this by James (who wrote his own!):
This week we saw the Harlem Rockets in the gym. They did a performance. My friend Alex got picked to go up and play a basketball game. Some teacher got picked to play a game where one of the Harlem Rockets would stand in the middle and pass the ball to a teacher.

Posted: Fri - December 3, 2004 at 12:49 PM