Student News: November 1, 2004

From Zoe:

This week, since the Election is so close, we have been talking a lot about it.

We have been discussing how you vote. We even did a mock Election! The winner of the mock Election in our school was George W. Bush. In the whole state of Maine, it was John Kerry.

There were so many problems with the voting systems in 2000, that many people are worried about it. So many errors could happen. We all are very curious about what will happen on Tuesday.

From James:

This week we started our Conference Reflections. We have this new way to do it. First we have to brainstorm Ideas down on the back of the paper. We have to answer these questions, "What are you most proud of this trimester?" and "What do you need to work on?" This is how we do it here in Room 208.

From Sean:

This week we started Portfolios. We have this cool new way of reflecting on portfolios. We get to do cartoons. First, we write what we are reflecting on. Then, we write what we are proud of. Next, we write what we need to work on. Finally, we do cartoons for each panel that relate to the panel's subject. That's the part that you can have fun with.

Posted: Mon - November 1, 2004 at 05:47 PM