Student News: October 22, 2004

Written by the Students of 208

This week in our Word Study we have been learning a morning routine called BUDDY STUDY. On Monday, we do something called FIX, MIX FIX. We have a list of words that we spell with letter cards. On Tuesday we do a routine called LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK. That is when you write down the words over and over without looking at them. On Wednesday we do something called BUDY CHECK. You have a friend read the words to you and you write them down. On Thursday we do a thing called MAKING CONNECTIONS. We think of other words that connect to a certain word. On Friday we do a test with a buddy. That confirms that we know the words. That is what BUDDY STUDY is about.

For FRIDAY LETTERS this week we wrote how instruments change Pitch. We did a test about Pitch and we had to make instruments. We started to learn how to do the HEADING. It goes on the top right hand corner on the page.

Fionnula was student of the week. Our class finished the speech balloons for her. Fionnula shared some of the the things that she brought in. She brought in a mini football and pictures of her pet dog.

We also practiced songs for the Fall Concert. We practiced DACNA KUIMBA, PURPLE MOUNTAIN MAJESTY, and GOD BLESS AMERICA. We also practiced NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN. Ms. Calo and Mrs. Taylor were running our Core class. We also played with the color ribbons and watched STOMP.

Posted: Fri - October 22, 2004 at 05:44 PM