Student News: April 1, 2005

by the Students of Room 208

This week we have chosen new Literature Circle books. Literature Circles are group where you read books and then talk about them with questions to boost the discussion. All ages do them. Even kindergardeners and senior citizens. Some books that we have chosen are: Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder , Loser, by Jerry Spinelli , and many other good books. We've really had some lively discussions.

Another thing the 4th graders did this week in Math is worked on finding the Area of the classroom and of polygons. Area is the square measurements in the shape. We also learned the formulas. For a triangle, it's LB x H divided by 2 = A; for a rectangle, it's L x W = A; for parallelograms, it's H x B = A. We're learning all of that in just one unit.

We've also worked on a floor plan of our classroom to start off the unit. The goal was to find the area of the room. Mr. I assigned us different places to measure. We were like mini architects. We had to use different symbols for windows and doors.

One other thing we did is perimeter. Perimeter is when you measure the outer lengths of the shape. We had to draw a bunch of shapes and measured a bunch. It was a very tiring unit. We are taking the end of the unit assessment on Monday. We can't wait for the next unit.

This week in Music we also have been working a lot on our classroom number for "Starz 4 Broadway" [production]. Our classroom number is a medley from Oliver. The first song in the medley is "Food, Glorious Food" by our whole class. The next song is "Who Will Buy?" by a trio of Brendle, Fionnula, and Hannah. The class is the chorus. The third song is "Where is Love?", a solo by Teddy with the class as a chorus. Finally, the last one is "Consider Yourself at Home," which the whole class sings. Another song that we have been practicing is, "It Don't Mean a Thing," with the whole fourth grade singing it. At parts, a duet of a sax and trombone, with tap dancers come out. The trombone and the sax start it out. Those are some of the best numbers in the show.

The third graders finished the NCBLAA . NCBLAA stands for No Child Left Behind Annual Assessment . We had reading the first day. The second day we had math. At the end we had to answer questions like for an example, "Do you think that you are better at Math than most people in your class?" Some people thought it was fun and some people thought it was boring. Some people did not want it to end. In reading we had to read stories and answer questions about the stories. In math we just had to answer math questions. In Part A we could not use calculators. In Part B we could use calculators.

We also did conferences this week. Conferences are when you come with your parent and talk with your teacher and talk about how you rare doing in school and how you've grown this trimester. Before or after the conference you show your portfolio. We got ready for the conferences by doing conference reflections. We also wrote a letter home to tell the parents when our conferences are. When our conferences are over, we write a thank you letter home.

Posted: Fri - April 1, 2005 at 02:11 PM