Student News: May 27, 2005

by the Scholars of Room 208

This week we had a Spring Concert. That's where the 3rds play their recorders and the 4th graders play their band instruments. The fourth graders play all kinds of songs like, "Ode to Joy," "Let's Row Again," "Etude," "Baa, Baa Black Sheep," "Second Ending Blues," and others. The 3rds are playing "Lightly Row," "Ode to Joy," "Merrily," and others.

We played these songs Thursday. We also are having a Memorial [Day] parade on Monday. The thirds and the fourths will get to play their instruments in it. We will be marching in the parade playing the whole time. The fourths will be playing a Junior High piece called "Sgt. Major March".

Another thing is we podcasted some Bonus Shows at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and Willowbrook at Newfield, Maine. We did this so you can go on the trip with us without even buying a ticket. These bonus shows are "Sound Seeing Tours". A Sound Seeing Tour is when you record what is happening at the place you're recording at. If you're a student or a teacher that can't make it there, then listen to these bonus shows because it will give you a lot of facts about history.

Also, we had Elaine Lindy's second story section of the podcast. The story was called One Man's Horse [note: this will play next week]. She put a link to our site on her site "Whootie Owl's Stories to Grow By." Her site gets a million and a half hits a month so we're hoping for more visitors on our site. She is putting us in her newsletter. We are looking forward to doing another story from her.

Finally, Mr. Bennett wrote the article about our podcast and the newspaper The Portland Press Herald came to interview us.

Mr. Bennett is the Public Information Officer of Wells. He goes around collecting stories for the newspaper and other sources. We loved the article.

Also, a photographer and a reporter from the Portland Press Herald came to our class. The photographer's name was Greg and the reporter's name was Jen. Jen asked some people in our class some questions about our podcast. Greg took some pictures of us working on Friday Update. We can't wait for it to come out.

That's our Week in Review!

Posted: Fri - May 27, 2005 at 08:42 AM