Student News: March 4, 2005

This week we had an assembly. It was about our Reading Incentive. [The teacher] told us facts about Maine like people come here to ski, Kayak, pick blueberries, pick potatoes, and hike Mr. Kataden. There were some funny pars like Mr. I saying, "You can't get there from here." We met our goal. We read more than 18,532 books.

Next, we had two birthdays and one half birthday [this week]. We all brought cupcakes. We all turned 9. Out of the birthdays one was a boy and two were girls and also it was Dr. Seus's birthday. Some of the ways we are going to celebrate Dr. Seus's birthday are we are going to have a guest reader and eat cake.

Next, we got a camera called an iSight. We will communicate with a student that will be home for a month and we will also scan books and make movies.

We also have been doing compare and contrast. Compare and Contrast is when you compare something with something els. We are comparing ourselves and someone else from another time period. We compare and contrast ourselves to a person back in time by using a book called, "A Street Through Time ."

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Lead can make your heart stop with scariness...

We worked hard on leads this week. Leads are an interesting sentence that hooks people into the book, so they want to keep on reading. Some examples are: "There was a bang. This time, he barely missed me." Another one was: "A last beat of his hear, and he was gone. The king of the cats, gone forever." Those were some examples. Leads make the reader want to read more.

Posted: Fri - March 4, 2005 at 12:37 PM