Student News: September 23, 2005

written by the Students of Room 208

This week we looked through microscopes. We read a paper that tells us how to use microscopes the right way. We read the paper with Mr. S. We looked at different things. For example: fish scales, peacock feathers, and fowl feathers. Not all of us have gotten to use the microscopes because it takes a long time to do the microscope activity. The most important rule is when you use the "coarse adjustment knob", don't lower the lens while looking through the eye piece because it will crack the lens. The right way to use the microscope is to turn the adjustment knob while looking through the side. We really enjoyed this microscope activity.

Also this week we started "Student of the Week". The Student of the Week is Emily J. [this week]. The Student of the Week is when Mr. Sprankle picks a student out of his "fairness cards". Mr. S makes a cartoon out of the student's picture. Mr. S uses a computer to make the cartoon. We make "speech bubbles" that say nice things about the person. Next week is Sage.

The next thing we did is Puzzle Pieces. Puzzle Pieces show what we like. We will fit together and we will become a class of different interests. Everyone has different hobbies. Everyone has different things that they drew on their own puzzle pieces.

This week we also want to tell you about Morning Meeting. Every day, after Specials, we do Morning Meeting. Morning Meeting is when we sit in a circle and sometimes read an article. If we aren't reading an article, we are usually reading the e-mails. This week, Mr. S came up with a very good idea: that we should eat snack during Morning Meeting. And that is Morning Meeting.

Posted: Fri - September 23, 2005 at 07:15 PM