Student News: September 24, 2004

Written by the Students of 208

This week we made Speech Balloons for Cami because she's Student of the Week next week. Mr. S has gotten into cartooning, so he knows how to make a really good Speech Bubble. Mr. S got pictures of all of us and when it’s time for us to be Student of the Week, he turns our pictures into cartoons. Doing “Student of the Week” is a way to get to know each other because we write a description about ourselves.

We are still doing our “Bag of Me” essays. We’ve moved on with our third paragraph. The “Bag of Me” share tells more about us and what we like to do.

We did “Fix, Mix, Fix” in our Morning Routine. We have to put letters together for our weekly Word Study Spelling words. This helps us know the words better.

This week we also made the class rule. It is: “ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST”. We knew that “ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST”would say everything that you should do. “ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST” means: don’t argue, challenge each other and yourself, eye contact, always listen to the person who’s talking, no “dissing”, don’t take stuff from people, work harder than the teacher (“the person working the hardest, learns the most”), listen to other people’s ideas, etc., etc.

Next week we are looking forward to working harder than we did this week and getting more work done.

Posted: Fri - September 24, 2004 at 05:40 PM