Student News: October 28, 2005

written by the Scholars of Room 208

This week in Computer, we learned computer safety rules in a game. We took a quiz on how to be on the Internet in a safe way. We learned there are different kinds of viruses. And we played a game called "The Wiggy Wigs." There are different names for the Wiggy Wigs. For example: Spamozoid, Hothead, Follow-You-Fiona, Oogle, and the Numbut. Wiggy Wigs are certain kinds of viruses. Follow-You-Fiona follows you on the Internet and tries to find out personal information about you, like your phone number, address, or email, or even your name. The Oogle almost does the same thing. A Numbut is a person who stares at the computer 24/7. We played this game so we can use the Internet in a safe way. You can go on this fun game at

Also, in Science, we built a habitat called a "terrarium". First, we put in little rocks, then we put in charcoal for the carbon. After that, we put in patches of dirt with moss on it, then we put in more patches of dirt with moss on it with tiny plants that had red circles on the top.It has little bugs living in it. We have to cover it with plastic because it will keep all the moisture in it. One person every day has to go and get the sprayer from Mr. I's room and then squirt it at least ten times because it will give the terrarium water that feels like a sprinkle of rain that is coming from outside. We built the terrarium because Mr. S was teaching us about habitats. We really enjoyed building the terrarium and learning about habitat science.

Another thing that happened this week is a sad event happened. On Monday night, October 24, 2005, a hero named Rosa Parks died. Rosa Parks was one of the people who made us one, and fought for freedom. This is what happened with Rosa Parks: She got on a bus one night after work. She sat down and a white man came on the full bus and Rosa would not move for the white man which was against the law back then. So the bus driver had her arrested and that is the story of Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was 92 years old and died in her home in Detroit. To find out more about Rosa Parks, go to your local library or your school Library.

Finally, Mr. Sprankle and Mrs. Oakes won "Technology Teacher of the Year" recently. They are the "Technology Teachers of the Year" in Maine. ACTEM (Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine) gave them the award. [Mr. S and Ms. Oakes] also went to a workshop there.

Mr. S and Mrs. Oakes (our computer teacher) won $1000 each for the school. They're going to spend it on a recorder for recording things like our podcasts, concerts, and Starz for Broadway. We are going to put it on a cart so we can move it all around the school easily.

Posted: Fri - October 28, 2005 at 10:07 AM