Student News: October 14, 2005

written by the Students of Room 208

We got an exciting thing this week. We got a "Shout Out" from a 6th grade class in Connecticut. Mr. Hetherington is their teacher and we "Shout Out" back to them. A "Shout Out" is when someone or some class gives "Kudos" to someone's Podcast. Kudos is like someone saying you did a good job and giving you a "put-up" about your podcast or anything.

We also "Shout Out" To a 2nd Grade class in Texas, [Mills Murfee]. We really liked your podcast. Your class is a really lucky class.

Also, this week we started "Haiku" poems. A haiku is a poem that has three lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 7 syllables. Mr. S read us three haiku poems by Basho. Basho is a Japanese haiku writer.

Another thing this week [that] we did in Math [was that] the 4ths had a very fun time because we played a game called "Baseball Multiplication." This is how you play: You get a blank piece of paper and make four bases. You need four objects for example: pennies, counter blocks, and anything else that is about that size. You need two dice because you roll them and you times the two numbers on the dice that are facing up. This is how many bases to run: 1 to 9 is an "Out"; 10 to 18 is a "Single" (1st base); 20 to 28 is a "Double" (2nd base); 30 to 35 is a "Triple" (3rd base); and 36 is a "Homerun" (4 bases). That is how you play "Baseball Multiplication".

While the 4ths were playing Baseball Multiplication, Mr. I (our 3rd grade Math Teacher), taught the 3rd graders how to figure out number stories with "Part/Part/Total" and "Start to Change to End", and mental math. Number stories are when there [are] number problems mixed in with a story and you have to figure out what the answer is.

Here is something exciting we are going to do. On Thursday, October 27th, we will be going to the revealing of 2 Statues presented at our school. One of the statues is made of granite. Ms. Brennan, our art teacher, said it will be a surprise to hear the artists' names. The statue is sitting in the front of the school with a tarp over it. The statue is about 5 ft. tall and will help our school look better.

Another exciting thing is [that] Channel 6 News is coming in to interview us about our Podcast.

Posted: Sat - October 15, 2005 at 10:22 AM