Student News: September 30, 2005

written by the Students of Room 208

This week we started poems. We would like to tell you a little bit about them. We did two types of poems. We started a poem called, "I Am." There is a version #1 and a version #2. The first one is more difficult than the second one. The poems don't have to rhyme. The second one is easier. We really enjoyed doing poems.

Another thing we enjoyed in writing is we started "Secret Specialty". A "Secret Specialty" is what we're most interested in. First, we did a web to brainstorm about our Secret Specialty. Some different interests are animals, swimming, music, and reading. The web has four boxes attaching to a circle. The Secret Specialty is written in the circle. In the four boxes we write the answers to questions below the box. There has to be more than one answer.

Also, in Art, we watched a movie and it was about a famous artist, Mary Caset, who liked to paint pictures of kids and their mom. And so Ms. Brennan our art teacher had a great idea. The idea was to draw a picture of us and our mother. We had a big piece of paper and we had to put our mom and ourselves [at] a size that would fit the piece of paper she gave us. We talked about how we put details like eye lashes and eyebrows that are the same color as your hair. We learned that the color of your lips are a tone of skin that is a little darker than the skin on your body. We used colored pencils because colored pencils have a point so you can get into little places.

At the end of the week, on Thursday September 29, 2005, Mr. S went to a workshop to meet David Warlick. Mr. Sprankle was excited to see him! David Warlick [is an] Educational Consultant. He also podcasts. Last year he interviewed us. David Warlick is the reason that we were in the New York Times. David Warlick took a picture of Mr. Sprankle. And the first thing that David Warlick told Mr. S was that he sounded tall on the podcast! When Mr. Sprankle was at the workshop, we had a substitute. She wrote a letter about our day. She said that we were fantastic.

Posted: Sun - October 2, 2005 at 11:06 AM