Student News: October 7, 2005

Note: There will be no Podcast this week.

written by the Students of Room 208

This week, we started a Poetry Blog in Computer. Mr. I's class is also doing the blog with us. You can get to it by going to our Blog and clicking on an icon that says "Poetry Blog". Mr. I's class and our class are the only ones in the school doing the blog. We are doing the blog so we can comment on each others' work. We were excited because we got to type the poem all by ourselves. There were some hard things to do but we were still able to do it. It's a lot of fun!

Also, this week Mr. Sprankle taught us how to do "Book Talks". Mr. S gave a paper that tells us about Book Talks. Book Talks are when you tell about a book that you read and get someone else interested in the book. On the paper he gave us it said "how to prepare for Book Talk, what the content should be, and what the purpose is." Under those words were bullets and how to do these things. When Mr. S showed us how to do a Book Talk, he did one and tried to get us interested in the book, Ramona the Pest. He read a section of the book and then he asked us real loud so everyone could hear him, "Are you interested in the is Book?" And then he asked us, "So, are you going to go and read this book?" Most everybody said "yes". We really enjoyed this activity he taught us.

The last cool thing we did was we started looking at animal and plant cells in Science. The plant cells are more packed together. When we looked at the animal cells, they looked more like blobs. The onion skin looked like brick walls. There are some small dots called the nucleus in the cells. Plant cells are packed together because they do not have any bones to keep them up so if they're packed tightly, they will stay up. We did this because it's the Science project. One thing we started to write was [a] Compare and Contrast [sheet].

Posted: Sat - October 8, 2005 at 11:39 AM