Student News: January 28, 2005

by the Students of Room 208

This week we got prepared for Poetry Night. We have been working on poems all week. Behind the scenes, we have been working on the Poetry Book and the example sheets. We have also been working on bookmarks. We learned a lot of different "flavors" of poems. Here is the Poetry Crew: Sean got the 4th Grade to play their instruments; James, Sean, and Zoe scanned the bookmarks; and everyone was in charge of cleanup/setup.

At "Poetry Share Night," we read our poems to the adults. We read poems that other people wrote and read one poem that we wrote. Some were short and some were long. Just about every kid was nervous.That is how we read our poems on Thursday, January 27, 2005!

After we read our poems we taught parents how to write poetry. The three types of poetry we taught were: cinquain, Haiku, and personification. In the cinquain and Haiku teaching group we made Example Posters to show and help them to learn how to make that type of poem. In the personification teaching group we handed out sheets for examples. We read the adult's poems because they were too nervous to! They were very good. We hope they enjoyed the lessons.

We would like to thank the parents for all the money they donated. We worked really hard on the poetry book and bookmarks. They really helped the tsunami victims. The money will go to "Save the Children". We raised $436.60! We worked very hard to raise that much money. The children will be very glad to have your support.

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Posted: Fri - January 28, 2005 at 10:38 AM