Student News: September 17, 2004

Written by the Students of 208

We got three things from our house to explain us and we are sharing them with the class. We started writing it out. We used our thumbs to do an INDENT in our writing and the learned how to commas in a series.

We did STUDENT OF THE WEEK SPEECH BUBBLE BALLOONS. We wrote nice things in the bubbles for the person of the week.

We played a game called FOLLOW DIRECTIONS where we each got a slip of paper, which told us to do something, like "clap your hands three times". After somebody does something like that, the next person does what his/her paper says. You have to try to get it as fast as you can.

We made RIBS! This is an acronym that means Read Independently Balanced Choices Silently. This is for our Silent Reading Time so we can read better. We now know how Silent Reading should be.

This week we did the NWEA test in Computer. This kept getting harder as we went on. We take these tests because this will tell Mr. S what we need to work on.

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Posted: Fri - September 17, 2004 at 05:39 PM