Student News: November 4, 2005

written by the Scholars of Room 208

This week, Mr. S got to pick what he wanted to buy with $1000 dollars for the school because he got $1000 dollars for "Technology Teacher of the Year". What Mr. Sprankle picked was a new recording studio for the school. He got a recorder, a mixer, and 3 microphones. He also got two stands for the microphones. One of the three microphones he got was one that the students could interview people with. You have to keep your hand still or it will sound staticy. Mr. S even bought a "popscreen" for the school. A popscreen is something that blocks out sounds when you say a word with a "p" in it.

Mr. Sprankle decided that he wanted three or four people at a time that are called a "set up crew". Therefore, when we're setting up, they are the ones who set up the stuff. We really enjoy the new podcast equipment.

Also this week, Mr. S showed us this really cool web site that had a neat creature called, The Tree Octopus! It mostly lives in a pond or a creek and in the rain forest but it comes out sometimes and climbs on the trees. It prefers to be in water. After we got really interested, Mr. S asked us, "Would you like to put this fictional tree octopus on the podcast?" We were really surprised because the picture looked realistic and it looked like a real article, but it wasn't. We were very confused. Mr. S did this to teach us that not everything on the Internet is correct and even books can make mistakes. You have to be a good reader by checking where it came from, are there other websites about it, and is it real? We were very surprised.

Also this week, we have been working on building a paper Oak Tree. On this tree, we have to put paper animals on it but it is not as easy as you think. First you have to make the animal and then you must talk to a teacher about the animal and then the "Oak Woman" (aka Mr. I's intern). She will ask you the 5 basic survival needs for the animal and if you get them right you will get your animal on the paper Oak Tree. Also, in science, we went outside to look for signs of animals. We drew sketches of acorns, pine cones, berries, etc., or anything else that had evidence that a living organism was there. When we were leaving Mr. S found a pile of coyote scat.

Finally, Channel 6 News came on Thursday, October 27, 2005. Everyone was excited. Channel 6 news came to interview us because of our podcast. They stayed until lunch time. Three people that were here last year got interview. Caroline is the adult that is on TV and interviews people and Josh is the cameraman. Josh does not get to be on TV. Caroline emailed us a letter and it said on it the day that our class will be on TV. This is what Caroline emailed us:

"Dear Bob,
I just wanted to let you know that the piece is definitely airing on November 10th. However, once I started writing it, I realized that I'd barely be able to scratch the surface of what I found so interesting about class -- all the learning going on! :) So, we're actually going to do another piece that focuses on how you guys are using podcasting in education. I'll let you know when I have that date.

Good luck with the rest of the school year!

Caroline Cornish

Thank you for coming Caroline and Josh and putting us on another piece.

Posted: Fri - November 4, 2005 at 12:45 PM