Student News: March 25, 2005

by the Students of Room 208

This week in Art, the 3rd graders have been making Kachinas. Kachinas are the messengers of the gods. The Pueblo tribe was the tribe who believed in them. The Kachinas [the] 3rds are making are made out of paper mache and bottles.

Meanwhile, the 4ths have been working on Greek Vase Etchings. Etchings are when you color with crayon really hard on some paper, then paint over it with black paint. After the paint is dry you trace a Greek vase shape onto your etching with a pen cap. Then you design a picture to etch in the middle of your vase. Next, after your vase picture is etched you need to draw designs around the top, bottom, and the handles. Some really cool designs are grapes and grape vines. When we were done, they came out very well.

We also learned about Native Americans [of the Northeast]. We learned about where they lived, what they ate, what their homeland was, and how kids got education. They learned education from their elders. They would watch them gather food, hunt, and be as quiet as mice. The kids learned to be quiet because if there were enemies in the distance the other tribe wouldn't find them and so they wouldn't scare off game. They would also use cradle boards to carry babies.

Next, we did Snapshots. We read a sheet with Snapshots from mixed grades. We read another sheet that had things from real stories. Snapshots are when you zoom in on a specific detail. There is a "magic camera" in your brain and you can catch sound, smell, and other feelings. There's one Writing [Work]group that we do that [is] about someone you know real well and a time that you know real well. Coming soon on the website you will see our Snapshots.

Finally, the 4th graders taught the 3rd graders how to do the tests like MEAs. We called it coaching. Sometimes the fourth graders had to give the thirds some suggestions. Each "coach" had two students to help practice. Some of the suggestions from the 4th graders (coaches) were: Read the questions first, Underline, Look Back, Re-Read, and Read the Directions. [One thing that was difficult] in the test [was] that there was a separate page to fill in the bubbles.

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Posted: Sat - March 26, 2005 at 05:52 PM