Student News: December 21, 2004

by the Students of Room 208

This week we put our "Poe-Tree" bulletin board up. A "Poe-Tree" is when you make a tree with leaves and you put poems on the leaves. You can put other designs on it like birds, owls, caterpillars, grass, and a moon or sun. Our "Poe-Tree" has a lot of poems on it already. We built it by first, building a tree. Then, we put a blue background of construction paper for the sky. Next, we put up our tree. After than, we made a hole for the owl and built the owl. Following that, we made branches. Afterward, we made lines on the tree that made it look like bark. Next we put small designs on. Then, we made the title. We also made leaves and stencils for the leaves. Last, but not least, we printed our poems and put the poems on the leaves and we also made a speech balloon for the owl that said, "Who-ooo has a poem to share?"

This week we had our concert. We sung and the band played six songs. There was over 100 people in the crowd. Mrs. Oakes was video taping us. Multi-K-1-2 was watching us on TV! We had a lot of fun. We did really well.

We have been working on "Gift Letters" to tell the person we are writing to how much we love them. It has to be our best work so it's really a good gift. The letters are also to say thank you about all the things they have done for us. They are called "Gift Letters" because it is a gift that makes people cry. It makes parents realize that we cherish them. That's what a "Gift Letter" is.

Posted: Tue - December 21, 2004 at 12:38 PM