Student News: November 22, 2004

Written by the Students of 208

This week we learned about simile & metaphors. A simile is comparing two different nouns, using "like" or "as". For example, "I'm like a leaf." A metaphor is also comparing two different nouns but without "like" or "as". Example: " I am a leaf."

This week Mr. S set up a BLOG for us. A Blog is something that you can show your work on the Internet. We put up poems, cartoon drawings, and anything else we would like to put on the Internet.

In Science, we worked on physical change in science. To understand it, we took an index card and cut it up a certain way, into necklaces. We figured out a physical change is when you change some properties, but it is still the same matter. The index card helped us learn that because it really changed shape when it was done. That is how we learned what physical change is.

Posted: Mon - November 22, 2004 at 11:20 AM