Student News: June 17, 2005

by the Scholars of Room 208

This week, the 4th graders have finished "Starz 4 Broadway." We had 3 concerts. One was in the afternoon for the school. The second and third show was for family and friends. At the end of the show, balloons went up to the ceiling and confetti shot of confetti guns. Our class number was Oliver . The songs were "Food," "Who Will Buy?" "Where is Love?" and "Consider Yourself." Mr. S is putting a bonus show on the Podcast. The bonus show has Starz 4 Broadway on it but only some of it because we were doing a dress rehearsal when they called buses so we didn't get to do the whole thing.

Lately, the 4th graders have been learning a lot about 5th grade. We have had 1 presentation in school, and an optional one after school. We are going Tuesday to the Junior High for a tour. In the in-school presentation, we learned about electives. Electives are classes you choose for each trimester. Two are allowed a trimester. You only have electives on one in three days. The days are called "Red," "White," and "Black" days. Those are the colors of the school. On Red and White days we have the required classes: Health 5, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Intro to Air Transportation. The Academic courses are also on the Red and White days. They are: Language Arts, Social Studies, Everyday Mathematics, and Science Program. On Black days we have electives that we picked on a pink sheet of paper that came home. Some of them are Future Transportation, Computer City Planning, and more. The 4ths look forward to going to Jr. High.

Also this week, we are finishing our research on Native Americans. We are glad that we are almost done. After we are finished we will start working on our frog research. Some of the people who finished their research read theirs on the podcast so you can listen to them at It took us two months to finish it because we had to make it perfect. We all had to do a "Basket Bibliography" to help us with our research. "Basket Bibliography" is an assessment that checks if we can do a bibliography. Some of the students really did like the research and some students really didn't like the research.

The last thing is, we are getting ready for Portfolio Share Night on Wednesday, at 5:00 to 7:00 but you don't have to stay the whole time. We have worked hard on reflections and stuffing. Portfolio share night is when we put our work into binders and have our parents come and look inside to see our work. We are looking forward to Portfolio Share Night.

Posted: Fri - June 17, 2005 at 05:56 AM