Student News: June 3, 2005

by the Scholars of Room 208

This week we found out the Portland Press started to call us "The Pod Kids"! The Portland Press interviewed us about our podcast. We told them how it affects our learning. Also, Kevin and Jessie from the York County Coast Star came to take pictures and interview us. We hope it comes out this week.

Mr. S showed us a graph of how many [web page] hits we got [this week]. On the day the Portland Press came we had 582 unique visitors and 562 of the people were 1st time visitors. David Warlick posted us on EPN , which stands for Education Podcast Network . Also, the Teacherlist made us link for the day. We were posted on a german site too.

Also this week, we have almost finished with "Starz 4 Broadway" [practice]. There is only 1 week until the show so make sure you get some seats reserved. The Boys' and Girls' numbers are coming along really [well]. The Boys' number is "Next to Lovin' I like Fightin'" from Shenandoah. The Girls' number is "Second Hand Rose."

Another big part of the show is "It Don't Mean a Thing ." Three people are dancing to it and the people are: Bryanna, Fionnula, and Emily. Sean, Gavin, and Mr. Taylor will play instruments. Gavin plays the sax, Sean plays the trombone, and Mr. Taylor plays the piano.

You can get only 5 tickets for both nights. You need to reserve a seat for your guests. Hope you enjoy it.

Another thing that happened this week is we had some visitors come. Their names are: Stephanie, Mike, and Josh. They work at South Portland High School and Lake Region School District. They were here to learn about our podcast. They think podcasting is a cool new way to use technology. Stephanie uses the same tools but for a different reason. She records different languages in her iPod so the students hear themselves speaking different languages. They were really exited to learn from us about podcasting.

A cool [thing] that happened on Monday was [that] we had a Memorial Day Parade. The third graders played their Precorders and some of the 4th graders played their instruments. The people really enjoyed the parade. After the parade everyone went to the cemetery to watch and listen to a special ceremony. And then everyone in the band got free ice cream at Congdon's Donuts . Thank you Congdon's!

After that, everyone went home.

Posted: Sat - June 4, 2005 at 10:14 AM