Student News: October 1, 2004

Written by the Students of 208

This week we did Word Study in the morning. Word Study is when we get a list of spelling words and you write them in a book four times so we get it into muscle memory. Also this week, we started STRETCH IT. STRETCH IT is when we take one sentence like, "The wind blows, " and you ask a question like, “where did the wind blow” and then you make the sentence bigger, like, “The wind blows in the South.” You keep asking questions and keep answering them by stretching the sentence more.

Cami was student of the week this week. We wrote speech bubbles for Cami. Next week Dylan will be Student of the Week! Mr. S turned Cami’s picture into a cartoon for Student of the Week.

This week we also started DEDICATION HEARTS. Dedication Hearts are slips of paper that we fill out to dedicate our learning to someone. If we don’t stay on task, it is giving the person you dedicated your day to a not-so-great present. At the end of the day, if we think we did our best, we give it to the person. Then we tell them the best thing we did that day. Dedication Hearts are a way of saying, “I love you.”

This week we started “FRIDAY LETTERS”. We are each writing one paragraph about the DEDICATION HEARTS. You can write a Friday Letter to anyone you want.

We made Straw Kazoos this week for a science experiment. Mr. S showed us how the pitch changes when we cut the straw kazoos. The pitch changes when we cut the straw because the shorter the straw, the faster the vibration and the faster the vibration, the higher the pitch. Then we got a piece of paper that had questions like, “why does the pitch change when you cut the straw?” and “what is vibrating in the straw instrument?”

Posted: Fri - October 1, 2004 at 05:43 PM