Student News: October 21, 2005

written by the Scholars of Room 208

This week in Math, 3rds did the "Trade First Then Subtract" method. The "Trade First" method is when you trade [the] tens to [the] ones and hundreds to the tens, etc. While the 3rds were doing that , the 4ths were doing work with globes. They pretended they flew to different countries and then found out the distance they flew. And that is what we did in Math.

The next thing that happened [was] Marc did a Book Talk. During a Book Talk, you share a book that you enjoyed reading. You also share unfamiliar books and their good authors. When doing a book talk make sue you're at leas halfway through the book. And don't forget when you're talking, look at everyone. Also try to find a book that the class would be interested in. And have fun! That is a Book Talk!

Also, this week Mr. I's class and our class got together to learn about comments for our Poetry Blog. There is a piece of paper that says "I Like... I Wonder if You Could... and Questions..." Before you go on the Poetry Blog to do comments, you write on this paper and answer [the questions]. Only the kids in Room 208 and Room 209 (Mr. I's class) can comment on each others' work on our Poetry Blog. We can comment on anyone's poems. The types of poems we have been working on are "Haiku" poems and "I Am" poems. We will be working on poems throughout the school year. We have been working really hard on the poems that we did. We really enjoyed this activity.

Finally, this week we Science. We started learning about "Wants" and "Needs" and Habitat. We went next door to Mr. I's classroom to do fun science projects, like making a list of what we would Want and what we Need [on a pretend trip we were taking]. At first we didn't know where we were going. Then we found out that we were pretending to go to Mars and had to change our list BIG TIME! This time Mr. S, Mr. I, and Mrs. M had to put the posters on the wall for a "Quiet Gallery" in the room. We also got blue dots that meant Needs and orange dots that meant Wants and everyone went around the room and put dots on each thing that was needed and wanted. Now we are starting to make a terrarium. A terrarium is an aquarium with no water. It will be very fun! We hope this will be successful.

Posted: Fri - October 21, 2005 at 07:47 PM