The Bobby Bucket Show! Show #06
wedge All About Sam, Attaboy Sam, See You Around Sam, Zooman Sam
by Lois Lowry
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* All About YEAST
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wedge Parent's Corner

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wedge Music

* "Bobby Bucket Theme Song" by Bob Sprankle

wedge Music on Intro to Lil' Bucket

* "Beautify the Humble" by Cybster DJ

wedge Music on All About Sam

* "String Groove" by anthems of a bygone era

wedge Music on Attaboy, Sam

* "Groove It" by Denis Kitchen

wedge Music on See You Around, Sam

* "My Friend" by Denis Kitchen

wedge Music on Zooman Sam

* "Introvert 5" by Chronos

wedge Song of the Week

* "Treasure Every Step" by Sammie Haynes

wedge Music on Point of View

* "Cold Cloth and an Ice Pack" by Derek K. Miller

wedge Music on Parent's Corner

* "Disco A" by Kevin MacLeod

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