The Bobby Bucket Show! Show #04
wedge The Party by Barbara Reid

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* Barbara Reid Site

* Plasticine Article

wedge The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

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* Cynthia Rylant Site

wedge Parent's Corner

* Article --- "Ping Pong Questions"

wedge Music

* "Bobby Bucket Theme Song" by Bob Sprankle

wedge Music on Books

* "Tidings of Comfort" by Jan Turkenburg, et al

wedge Music on "Text to Self"

* "Nine Hundred Miles" by Tom Joad

wedge Song of the Week

* "Back Home" by Syd

wedge Music on "Prof. Z"

* "Tell Me a Story" by Dave Kaplan

wedge Music on "Parent's Corner"

* "Grrrroove" by Marco Raaphorst

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