The Bobby Bucket Show 07: Lost and Found 

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This is show number 7, and today we’re looking for great books at the Lost and Found! 
On today’s show, Lil’ Bucket is going to help me out again, because she has chosen the books by making her own text to text connections.  
In fact, she’s even made a text to music connection, because she knew exactly what song we should play for the show! We’ll hear another great song by Maine artist, Sammie Haynes, which is all about lost and found things! 
Prof. Z’s back and he’s going to tell us all about two reading strategies that good readers do to find things.  
So, get out your compass! Get out your map! Get out your metal detector and come find your way to a couple of great books brought to you by Lil’ Bucket. 

SKILL: Skimming and Scanning

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Posted: Sun - August 28, 2005 at 08:24 PM