The Bobby Bucket Show 06: Sam Krupnik! 

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We've got a great show today, with a lot of fun included, because today, we’re hanging out with Sam Krupnik!

I’m going to have help from Lil’ Bucket and we're going to give you a snapshot of four different books by Lois Lowry, about Sam Krupnik. Our goal is to get you interested, excited, and hooked on these books, so you go out and get them from your Library.

I’m going to talk about Point of View today and we'll hear a song by another Sam— Maine artist, Sammie Haynes, all about taking journeys! 
So, grab your coat, come with us to Cambridge, MA to where the Krupnik family lives, and meet our good buddy, Sam!

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Posted: Fri - August 12, 2005 at 01:37 PM