The Bobby Bucket Show 05: Matt Tavares and Baseball Books 

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It’s a long show, but it’s a really special show for you because today, we’re heading off to the BALL PARK!
Today, we’re hanging out with Maine author and illustrator, Matt Tavares. If you like baseball, you’re going to love three of his books that we’re going to feature today: Oliver’s Game, Zachary’s Ball, and Mudball, which are three of my favorite baseball stories! 
We’re going to Book Signings with Matt at the Portsmouth Public Library and also over to my favorite Toy Store, GW in Portsmouth, NH, to hear Matt read and talk about his books.
It’s our first show with an author interview and 2 stories read by the author… So, grease up the mitt, grab a hotdog and some cracker jacks, and PLAY BALL!

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Posted: Wed - August 3, 2005 at 05:43 AM