The Bobby Bucket Show 02: The Library 

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Show 02.
It's a long --but great-- show for you today because we’re heading off to one of my favorite places—the LIBRARY! 
We’ve got one of my favorite books, called The Library by Sarah Stewart. If you love reading, then you’re going to love this gem! We’re going to learn about how good readers constantly make PREDICTIONS and my good buddy, Prof Zeigfreid is going to share a vocabulary word, and talk to you about idioms! And we’re heading off to my favorite Library in New Hampshire to hear about their summer reading program. We’re going to wrap it all up with another great song by Maine artist, Mary Kaye, called "The Library Book".  

So sit back, put your feet up, crack a book, and join us in the Children’s Room at the Public Library!

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Posted: Wed - July 13, 2005 at 02:22 PM