Welcome to BobTaughtMe.com

This is a website archiving and sharing the digital footprint and legacy of Bob Sprankle, a much-loved educator based in Maine and Portsmouth, New Hampshire who left this world too soon in December 2015.

Bob Sprankle

Currently archived:

  1. The Room 208 Blog and Podcast
    1. All podcast episode links working and browsable!
    2. All blog entries browsable by date: 2006 - 2005 - 2004)
  2. The Bobby Bucket Show
  3. Bob's "Bit by Bit" blog (This is an Internet Archive / Wayback Machine download of the original WordPress site, so many links are still broken / not working, however 2,676 separate pages from the original site on bobsprankle.com are archived - A better sitemap and method to access archived pages will be forthcoming.)
  4. Bob's "Bit by bit" podcast episodes (also mirrored / backed up to Amazon S3) - Partial category archives from bobsprankle.com
  5. Seedlings Podcast" episodes by Bob Sprankle, Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr

Other Third Party Hosted Websites by Bob (still online as of 11/2019):

  1. Bob's Twitter channel: @bobsprankle
  2. Bob's Facebook account
  3. Bob's Tumblr blog
  4. Bob's Flickr account
  5. Bob Sprankle Photography on Weebly
  6. Bob's YouTube Channel
  7. Bob's Videos for Wells Elementary on Vimeo
  8. Bob's About.me

Backstory Links:

  1. Remembering Bob Sprankle on EdTechTalk (15 Dec 2015)
    1. Archived Backchannel Chat
  2. Celebrating Good Memories of Bob Sprankle (8 Dec 2015)
  3. Bob's Obituary from Pelkey Funeral Home (PDF)

Future Plans for These Resources / Links

Since podcasts work best via RSS feeds, hopefully we'll soon have working RSS feeds / links for at least the Seedlings podcast and the Bit by Bit podcast. At some point it would be wonderful to offer a multi-week, online class in which students (most likely in-service educators) review and discuss archived podcasts created by Bob and his students. There is such a rich legacy here of learning pedagogy. If you have suggestions please share them!

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