This website is dedicated to Maine educator Bob Sprankle, a beloved teacher and friend. Prior to his death in December 2015, Wes Fryer was working with Bob to archive and migrate his websites (including Room208, The Bobby Bucket Show and, with the BitByBit podcast) to another web host/server to preserve his digital legacy.


This website will:

  1. Archive and preserve Bob’s digital legacy
  2. Amplify the way Bob has taught and continues to teach learners around the United States and world

Update 23 October 2017: Links to the Room 208 podcast and Room 208 blog posts from 2006, 2005 and 2004 are available below!

Website Archive Status: (of Bob’s websites)

WebsiteOriginal LinkOriginal StatusArchive LinkPlatform UsedStatus / Notes
The Bobby Bucket ShowLinkLinkiBlogalmost completed, RSS feed has validation problems
Room 208LinkRoom 208 Podcast - 2006 - 2005 - 2004iBlogMigration completed, all mp3/audio & video file links should work. Some links including Feedburner podcast links still broken.
BitByBit Blog & Seedlings PodcastLinkWordPressdownloaded but not moved into directory, links not changed
BobSprankle.comLinkUnknownNo content copied yet
Bob Sprankle PhotographylinkWeeblyNo content copied yet
Wells Elementary Computer Lab Lessons & CurriculumLinkUnknownNot sure what is up with this site. Either domain registration expired or Bob had this setup under a different hosting account. Partial snapshots via Wayback machine 9/7/2015.
FlickrLinkFlickrUnsure if mirror is needed
FacebookLinkFacebookNo mirror planned
TwitterLinkTwitterWill archive via TweetNest
TumblrLinkTumblrNot started mirror
GoodReadsLinkGoodReadsNot started mirror

(These sites have not yet been added to the above table)

  1. BitByBit Blog & Seedlings Podcast: Original site (offline) – Archived site (in process) – WordPress
  2. Original site (offline) – Archived site (not started yet)
  3. Bob Sprankle Photography: Original site (still online) – Archived site (not started yet) – Weebly
  4. School Lessons & Curriculum: Original site (offline) – Archived site (unsure if  still possible to archive, partial snapshots available from 9/7/2015 Internet Archive Wayback Machine)
  5. Bob Sprankle Photography (not started yet) – Weebly
  6. Bob’s Flickr channel (no archive planned)
  7. Bob’s Facebook (no archive planned)
  8. Bob’s Twitter (no archive planned)
  9. Bob’s Tumblr Blog (no archive planned)
  10. 43 Recommended Books from Bob on GoodReads (no archive planned)

A cookbook of recipes is available with the proceeds going to Bob’s wife and daughter.

Share a Tweet with the hashtag #BobTaughtMe to share ways you’ve learned from Bob.

More Background:

  1. “More Changes” by Bob in June 2015
  2. Teacher Bob Sprankle Needs Your Help (archived YouCaring funding campaign)
  3. “Celebrating Good Memories of Bob Sprankle” from December 8, 21015
  4. “An Invitation: Share #BobTaughtMe” from December 11, 2105
  5. Official Obituary: “In Memory of Robert V. Sprankle” (PDF archive)

Here are audio reflections shared so far, along with related files:

View the December 16, 2015 Teachers Teaching Teacher” Google Hangout on EdTechTalk: “Remembering Bob Sprankle” (archived backchannel chat available)

Listen to the first Room 208 podcast from April 29, 2005.

5.5 minute video from 2006 by “The Scholars” in Room 208: “How We Make a Podcast”

View the 2008 digital story by Bob, “The Wind Blows It All Away.”

Listen to Alan November talking about Bob Sprankle:

Listen to EdTechTalk #28 – An interview with Bob Sprankle and Bud The Teacher (Dec 2, 2005)

Attribution for images: